You will need to allow about 90 minutes for your first appointment where a full and confidential medical history will be taken and your aims for the treatment discussed.

Every following appointment should take 60 minutes for a foot treatment and 45 minutes for a hand treatment. There may be a reason or preference to work on your hands instead of your feet and this will be discussed at the initial appointment.


You will sit in a comfortable reclining reflexology chair for the treatment with your socks and shoes removed and a blanket laid over you if you wish for one. Lotion will be applied to help with the ease of techniques, this may include essential oils blended in cream or carrier oil to enhance the treatment still further.

I will use various techniques that include holds, finger pressure, kneading, rotation and rubbing to stimulate each of the reflexes on your feet. The treatment is not usually painful; however, there may be some sensitivity in a reflex, indicating that the area is slightly out of balance.


Depending on which conditions are prevailing, a short course of weekly treatments may be advised. Maintenance treatments may be recommended on a monthly basis.

In order to maintain the benefits of the treatment aftercare advice will be given.